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Learning Outcomes and Assessment


Elizabeth City State University offers a diverse academic portfolio and quality education in a stimulating, engaging and learning- centered campus environment. As a student - centered learning institution, we strive for our students to excel in their professional field by providing students with the core knowledge specific to their discipline. Each academic program has a set of learning outcomes which outlines the knowledge, skills and abilities students will acquire upon completion of their program. Program learning outcomes serve as a guide for students and faculty to ensure that our students are knowledgeable and competitive in their future professions.

Here at ECSU program learning outcomes are assessed by faculty on an annual basis. Students' performance is captured through third party examinations, performance assessments, signature assignments, portfolios, project and other course embedded assessments. Students' performance on these assessment measures are analyzed by faculty to determine if students are successfully mastering their program learning outcomes.

To ensure that our student learning outcomes are current and field specific faculty aligns their program learning outcomes to standards set by the state and/or their national accrediting body.

To review learning outcomes for any program, please click below on the degree and it will take you to their page on the ECSU Website.

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