Library Records

This Schedule applies to records in all media, unless otherwise specified.

  • Items - a sample listing of items found within a series. Other related records not listed may also be part of a series.
  • Disposition - all dispositions are minimum requirements and include, where applicable, transfer to the custody of the University Archives for appraisal and final disposition.
  • Destruction - takes place in the office. Any record with confidential or sensitive information shall be properly destroyed by shredding or by means to ensure that the records cannot be physically recreated.
  • Original and Reference Copy -original copy (also known as a record copy) is the official authorized copy kept by the office charged with creating or maintaining the record copy. Reference copies (also known as convenience copies) are preserved for the convenience of reference or ease of access.

No destruction of records may take place if litigation or audits are pending or reasonably anticipated or foreseeable.

Refer to prefatory material for additional instructions or contact your university's records officer for clarification.

  • GU148 Accession Records (Integrated Library System "ILS")
  • GU149 Acquisitions (ILS)
  • GU150 Approval Plan (ILS)
  • GU151 Binding Invoices
  • GU152 Binding Patterns
  • GU153 Book, Microfilm and Periodical Invoices (ILS)
  • GU154 Cancelled Periodicals (ILS)
  • GU155 Carrel Assignments
  • GU156 Check-in for Government Documents
  • GU157 Check-in for Periodicals and Microfilm Copies (ILS)
  • GU158 Discontinued Periodicals (ILS)
  • GU159 Federal Depository Account
  • GU160 Integrated Library System (ILS) (Electronic)
  • GU161 Interlibrary Loan System
  • GU162 Library Donor
  • GU163 License Agreements
  • GU164 Mail Services
  • GU165 Microforms Shelf List (ILS)
  • GU166 OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)
  • GU167 Publisher's Catalogs
  • GU168 Reserves (ILS)
  • GU169 Search File (ILS)
  • GU171 Standing Orders (ILS)
  • GU172 Statistical Reports
  • GU173 Withdrawn Publications (ILS)


Library Records

Series # Series Title Series Description Items Disposition
GU148 Accession Records (Integrated Library System "ILS") Listing of library materials arranged numerically. accession or inventory number, author and title, call number, source price Permanent.
GU149 Acquisitions (ILS) Acquisition of books, periodicals and other material. purchase orders, shipping information Retain material concerning rare publications permanently. Destroy in office records concerning routine acquisitions 1 closed fiscal year after released from all audits.
GU150 Approval Plan (ILS) Records concerning materials received on approval. correspondence, printouts of amount spent, number of books, LC classification, returns notebook, reason returned, ISBN number, copies of approval plan profile, statistical data Destroy in office after 2 years.
GU151 Binding Invoices Invoices for binding periodicals and books.   Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU152 Binding Patterns Binding specifications.   Destroy in office when superseded or obsolete.
GU153 Book, Microfilm and Periodical Invoices (ILS) Invoices for payment of books, microfilm and periodicals. correspondence, invoices Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU154 Cancelled Periodicals (ILS) Cancelled subscriptions.   Destroy in office when administrative value ends.
GU155 Carrel Assignments See Series Title carrel number, faculty name, graduate name, contract, key number, fee Destroy in office 6 months after termination of contract.
GU156 Check-in for Government Documents See Series Title packing slips, title sudoc number, item number, receipt date, shipping list number Maintain according to Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) regulations. Transfer 10 or more copies (as required) of each publication to the State Documents Clearinghouse, State Library of North Carolina, when received from printer, in accordance with G.S. 125-11.8(b).
GU157 Check-in for Periodicals and Microfilm Copies (ILS) See Series Title   Destroy in office 5 years after termination of subscription.
GU158 Discontinued Periodicals (ILS) See Series Title   Destroy in office when administrative value ends.
GU159 Federal Depository Account Deposit account orders and statements.   Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU160 Integrated Library System (ILS) (Electronic) See Series Title acquisitions, on-line catalog, circulation data, budget data, orders, purchases, fines, patron information, bibliographic data, shelf list, interlibrary loan data Purge inactive patron data annually. Purge budget and financial data when administrative value ends. Update remaining electronic data routinely.
GU161 Interlibrary Loan System Interlibrary loan circulation information. Comply with applicable provisions of US Title 17 regarding copyright of materials. patron name, material requested, university borrow from / sent to, date requested, date filled Purge records after 5 years if no copyright violation has been reported. If copyright violation is alleged, destroy after completion of action and resolution of issues involved.
GU162 Library Donor Records concerning materials donated to the library. Comply with applicable provisions of legal agreement regarding confidentiality of records concerning each gift. annual donor statistics, donor forms with name, description of donation, number of books, correspondence, accession information, agreements, stipulations Transfer records to University Archives after 15 years.
GU163 License Agreements Licenses for databases and electronic journals purchased by the library.   Destroy in office 5 years after expiration of agreement.
GU164 Mail Services See Series Title information regarding certified mail, express mail, insurance, commercial carriers, campus requisitions, returned shipments, postage authorizations, theses Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU165 Microforms Shelf List (ILS) See Series Title title, date of publication, catalog number, subject headings Destroy in office paper copies when entered into library on-line catalog and after verification of data entry. Update routinely, maintain electronic database permanently.
GU166 OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) Publications concerning cataloging of library materials.   Destroy in office when administrative value ends.
GU167 Publisher's Catalogs Catalogs listing new publications by each particular publisher.   Destroy in office when superseded or obsolete.
GU168 Reserves (ILS) Holdings placed on reserve by instructors for student use. bibliographic information, student use information Destroy in office after 1 year.
GU169 Search File (ILS) Search reports for books that are missing.   Transfer reports of missing books to Catalog Department when search process is completed for withdrawal from the ILS. Destroy in office remaining records when administrative value ends.
GU170 SOLINET Official records concerning library's participation in SOLINET. correspondence, statistics, newsletters Transfer to University Archives when administrative value ends.
GU171 Standing Orders (ILS) See Series Title spreadsheet inventories, correspondence, credit, memorandums, information regarding book returns, missing shipments Destroy in office after 3 years and when released from all audits.
GU172 Statistical Reports Annual statistical report.   Transfer to University Archives after 5 years.
GU173 Withdrawn Publications (ILS) See Series Title   Purge from ILS after 5 years.