University Police/Public Safety Records

This Schedule applies to records in all media, unless otherwise specified.

  • Items - a sample listing of items found within a series. Other related records not listed may also be part of a series.
  • Disposition - all dispositions are minimum requirements and include, where applicable, transfer to the custody of the University Archives for appraisal and final disposition.
  • Destruction - takes place in the office. Any record with confidential or sensitive information shall be properly destroyed by shredding or by means to ensure that the records cannot be physically recreated.
  • Original and Reference Copy -original copy (also known as a record copy) is the official authorized copy kept by the office charged with creating or maintaining the record copy. Reference copies (also known as convenience copies) are preserved for the convenience of reference or ease of access.

No destruction of records may take place if litigation or audits are pending or reasonably anticipated or foreseeable.

Refer to prefatory material for additional instructions or contact your university's records officer for clarification.

  • GU324 Alarm Monitoring Reports
  • GU325 Bans / Trespass Warnings
  • GU326 Building and Grounds Security Checks
  • GU327 Duty Assignment
  • GU328 Case Records
  • GU329 Communications / Dispatch
  • GU330 Confiscated Property
  • GU331 Controlled Substance Seizure
  • GU332 Evidence Tracking
  • GU333 Liability Waiver
  • GU334 Lost and Found Log
  • GU335 Parking Tickets
  • GU336 Police Incident Report
  • GU337 Security / Surveillance / Mobile Video Recordings
  • GU338 Traffic Accident Reports
  • GU339 Towed Vehicle Reports
  • GU340 Traffic Citations
  • GU341 Traffic Stop Reports
  • GU342 Vehicle Registration


University Police/Public Safety Records

Series # Series Title Series Description Items Disposition
GU324 Alarm Monitoring Reports See Series Title fire and security alarm reports Destroy in office after 2 years.
GU325 Bans / Trespass Warnings See Series Title name, social security number, date of birth, type of offense Destroy in office 2 years after ban removed.
GU326 Building and Grounds Security Checks See Series Title logs and reports Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU327 Duty Assignment See Series Title name, dates Destroy in office after 5 years.
GU328 Case Records Felony / misdemeanor investigations. Comply with 20 U.S.C. 1232g, confidentiality of records G.S. 20-166(l), G.S. 97-02(b) and G.S. 132-1.1. arrests, investigations, statements, incident reports, photographs, evidence sheets, dispatch, name, warrant, recording Destroy in office closed felony case records after 20 years. Destroy in office closed misdemeanor case records after 5 years.
GU329 Communications / Dispatch Radio, telephone and 911 emergency recordings of incoming and/or outgoing communications and/or related database.   Transfer felony/misdemeanor dispatches to appropriate Case Records File when created. Destroy in office remaining records when administrative value ends.
GU330 Confiscated Property Confiscation, control and return or disposal of weapons confiscated during searches or arrests. name, property, reports Destroy in office after 5 years.
GU331 Controlled Substance Seizure Confiscation / receipt, control and return or disposal of controlled substances. name, substance Destroy in office 3 years after disposal of items.
GU332 Evidence Tracking Used to receipt for, control, track, account for, dispose of or return evidence. name, receipt, item, report Destroy in office 3 years after final disposition of evidence.
GU333 Liability Waiver Waiver used when unlocking vehicles.   Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU334 Lost and Found Log See Series Title   Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU335 Parking Tickets     Destroy in office after 3 closed fiscal years and when released from all audits.
GU336 Police Incident Report Comply with G.S. 20-166(i), G.S. 97-92(b) and G.S. 132-1.1. incident type, case number, NCIC (National Crime Information Center) entries, property estimates, names, affidavits, descriptions, photographs Transfer felony and misdemeanor reports to appropriate Case Records File when created or opened. Destroy in office remaining records after 5 years
GU337 Security / Surveillance/Mobile Video Recordings Security camera recording file showing activities on campus.   Transfer as needed to Evidence File. If not required to support investigations or litigations reuse or destroy in 30 days.
GU338 Traffic Accident Reports See Series Title location, accident sequence and diagram, vehicle inquiries, investigating officers' description, apparent violations Transfer to NC Division of Motor Vehicles within 10 days. Destroy in office duplicate/reference copy when reference value ends. If accident does not meet the requirements for reporting to Division of Motor Vehicles, destroy after 3 years.
GU339 Towed Vehicle Reports See Series Title   Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU340 Traffic Citations See Series Title   Original: Transfer to Clerk of the Court.
Reference: Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU341 Traffic Stop Reports See Series Title name, race, sex, violation, actions of police and offender Destroy in office after 3 years.
GU342 Vehicle Registration See Series Title bicycle registration, vehicle registration, name Destroy in office when administrative value ends.