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Biotechnology at Elizabeth City State University

The specific aims of BEST are:

  1. To increase faculty/staff expertise in biotechnology by their attendance at workshops, seminars, and summer experiences at large biotechnology-based university laboratories and companies;
  2. To strengthen the molecular biology/biotechnology concentration by the addition of new courses, Animal Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology and Introduction to Molecular Forensic Science;
  3. The incorporation of bioinformatics-based modules into the introductory courses General Biology for Majors I and II;
  4. To provide a mechanism for students' preparation to graduate school by offering GRE preparatory courses.
    • Program Management & Success to Date
    • Molecular Biology/Biotechnology Curriculum guide
    • Introduction to Molecular Forensic Science
    • Animal Biotechnology
    • Plant Biotechnology
    • Bioinformatics Modules
    • GRE
    • Faculty Enhancement Activities