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The objectives of the project Enhancement of Scientific Competencies of Minority Students through Application of Plant Biotechnology are:

  1. To improve quality training in science by incorporating various plant science modules into the General Biology and selected upper level courses;
  2. To enhance students' competence and broaden scientific, technical and analytical skills;
  3. To enhance the expertise of faculty and staff in biotechnology using plant model systems.

This grant was carried out between October 2004-September 2006. Three female African-American biology majors (one sophomore and two freshmen) were hired as undergraduate student assistants. Plant-based modules were designed, introduced and completed with the assistance of the undergraduates. Faculty (an aquatic ecologist and a cell biologist), a graduate student and a research associate were also trained in plant biotechnology. Of the 66 undergraduate students directly affected by this grant, 53 were African Americans (75% female, 25% male).

As a result of this grant, the proposal "Implementation of a Plant Biotechnology Course at Elizabeth City State University" was funded by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in September 2005.