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Drug Information Center

General Drug Information

The Internet Drug Index
Provides monographs and patient information on most common prescription items. There is also a limited tablet identification feature.

Information about clinical research and drugs in development.

Doctor's Guide to Recently Approved Drugs & Indications
Press releases on recently approved drugs or new indications for medications.

Facts & Comparisons
News about new drugs and medical research.

Mayo Clinic
Information about management of common disease/conditions as well as health promoting activities.

Monographs on many prescription agents and dietary supplements. Information is also provided about common diseases and travelers health.

World Wide Web Virtual Library Pharmacy
Huge site with links to a variety of pharmacy associations, organizations & resources.

Government & Organization Web Pages

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
Contains a number of evidence-based recommendations for managing common medical conditions.

Center for Disease Control
Provides information about infectious disease, immunizations and other public health conditions.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Information about policy changes and services provided by Medicare or Medicaid Services.

Food & Drug Administration
This site has information about all products regulated by the FDA, including food, drug, medical devices, and biologicals. Information is also provided about recent approvals and withdrawals.

National Institute of Health (NIH)
Information about health conditions, recent news, and various organizations that are part of the NIH.

National Library of Medicine
The world's largest medical library, providing information on all areas of healthcare and medicine. The library also offers Medline access via PubMed.

Orange Book
Contains information about therapeutic equivalents of various products.