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Getting Started

Distance Education Courses

Distance Education courses are listed by semester in Banner Self Service and have section numbers that appear in the key below. To locate Distance Education courses, make the following selections on the "Class Schedule Search" page: 

Online Course Offerings

How to Search for Online Courses: 

  • Go to the Class Schedule via Self Service Banner@ECSU
  • Search by Term: Select your desired term, click Submit.
  • Subject: Select subject(s)
  • Course Number: Enter course number, if known.
  • Campus: Select "Distance Learning Campus"
  • Course Level: Select "Undergraduate" or "Graduate"
  • Click Class Search.

Distance Education Section Key:


First section of online course


Second section of online course


Online course for Dare County students only


Off campus course for Dare County students only


Online course for Halifax County students only


Off campus course for Halifax County students only

Apply to ECSU: 

Apply Online for Admission - For assistance call Mrs. Barbara Walton at 252-335-3305 or 1-800-347-3278 

  • Students seeking readmission that graduated or attended ECSU less than two years ago should contact the Admissions Officeto complete a re-admit form
  • Student seeking readmission that graduated or attended ECSU more than two years ago should submit a new application for admissions. 
  • Students choosing to take online courses at other UNC institutions and transfer the course back into their degree program at another UNC institution should use the Inter-institutional process through the UNC Online Academic Services to register for courses. This process does not require students to complete an admissions packet or send transcripts to ECSU. Check with your Office of Registrar for approval of course transfer.
    • Click on the Login link in the upper right corner of the screen. 
    • Click on the A UNC Member tab. 
    • Select the appropriate school in the right frame. 
    • Login using your campus credentials. ECSU students will use their ECSU email username and password. 
    • Click on the Online Courses tab and use the tools provided to search for online courses.

Register for Course(s): 

  • Obtain your Banner ID number from your Department Chairperson/Advisor or the Registrar's Office. Your Banner ID is a 9 digit number. 
  • Register for course(s) by entering Self Service Banner and click on Enter Secure Area.  

Pay your Tuition and Fees:

  • Review the schedule for Tuition and Feesand contact Student Accounts if you have questions about your bill. 
  • Tuition and Fee payments may be made online, by mail, or telephone. More information about payment options is available at Student Accounts. 

Purchase your Books:

To purchase books from ECSU's Bookstore contact the Bookstore Manager

  • If you are renting textbooks contact Sabrine Purvis at 252-335-3501 or 252-335-8710.
  • If you are purchasing textbooks contact Jennifer Cherry at 252-335-3402. 

Begin your Course(s):

(Student Email and Blackboard accounts will be created once you are a registered student) 

Logging into Blackboard:

  • Go to, follow the login instructions on the screen. 
  • If you are registered, however unsuccessful logging into Blackboard: 
    • Click User Login and use the Forgot Password? feature to reset your password. 
    • Call the 24/7 Blackboard Helpdesk @ 1-866-321-7157 to have your password reset. 

Courses not Showing in Blackboard: 

  • If you login successfully, however do not see your courses listed: 
    • Log into Banner (SSB) to verify you are still registered for the course(s). (Banner and Blackboard are integrated; therefore the course(s) you are registered for in Banner will be available to you in Blackboard). 
    • Contact Registrar's office to verify course registration (252-335-3300 Option 1.) (Students may be dropped from courses by the registrar if you do not attend or participate in your course during the first 2 weeks of the semester). 
    • Contact Student Accounts to verify your account has been cleared. (Students may be dropped from courses by the registrar if tuition and fees have not been paid). 
    • Contact instructor to verify the course has been made available in Blackboard. 

Accessing your Online Courses: 

  • Once you log into Blackboard, look on the right hand side of the screen for "Courses You are Participating In." Under this heading you should see links for each online course for which you are registered. You may also see links for courses that you are taking on campus if your instructor is using Blackboard as an enhancement to their face-to-face teaching. Students will be able to access courses on the first day of the semester if you are registered in Banner. 

For Banner (SSB) help: 

  • Contact the Registrar's office (Thorpe Administration Building or 252-335-3300 Option 1). 

Complete the ECSU Student Online Orientation: 

  • For new online students or students needing assistance with Blackboard, go to the ECSU homepage, click on Blackboard follow the login directions for the ECSU Student Online Orientation. 

Log into ECSU Email

  • All ECSU students receive a free ECSU email account. You will need to access your ECSU email account frequently to communicate with your instructors when taking online courses. If you are unsuccessful logging into your ECSU e-mail,  submit the Request for an Email Account here. If you need further assistance or need help logging into your email account visit E-mail Help

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