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Readiness Survey

Distance Education

Is Distance Education for me?

Are you prepared to learn online? Before searching for a program or course, review the qualities for a successful online learner and test your knowledge and skills for learning online.

Do you have the following qualities?

Computer Literacy: Students must possess basic computer skills. Students should be comfortable using a computer to word process documents, surf the internet via a web browser, enter URL's into a web browser, locate and open files on a computer, send and receive e-mail, and send and receive attachments.

Self-Motivation: Students should be goal-oriented and self-disciplined enough to work efficiently on their own.

Written Communication: Students should be comfortable following written instructions. Students should have the ability to clearly communicate in written form to the instructor and classmates.

Managing the Course Work: Students must be able to set aside time in their schedule to complete coursework. Online courses require students to devote as much time to completing work as they would if taking traditional classes on campus.

Interaction: Online learning does not offer the traditional face-to-face interaction of an on campus course. Students should consider their need for face-to-face interaction.

Readiness Survey

It is the goal of the Office of Distance Education to offer individuals an academically sound alternative to traditional face-to-face instruction via distance education technologies.  Students should complete this survey to determine if they are prepared for online learning. Please complete and submit the survey for detailed feedback

Academic Consideration Questions
1. Do you consider yourself to be goal-oriented and self-disciplined enough to work efficiently on your own? Yes No
2. Do you consider yourself to be in need of face-to-face interaction? Yes No
3. Do you learn best from reading and interpreting text and assignments on your own? Yes No
4. Do you enjoy responding with others in discussion questions and collaborating in groups even if you can't see your other classmates? Yes No
5. Are you comfortable with contacting your instructor if you need assistance with an online course? Yes No
6. Can you allocate as much time in your schedule for your online course as you would for a "traditional" face-to-face course? Yes No
7. Do you believe that what you learn or do not learn is ultimately your responsibility? Yes No
8. Do you like to complete what you start?  Do you not give up easily, even if confronted with obstacles? Yes No
9. Can you manage your time effectively and prioritize activities? Yes No
Technical Consideration Questions
10. Do you have access to a computer with a minimum 56K modem? Yes No
11. Do you have Internet access and know how to use a web browser such as Internet Explorer 6 or higher? Yes No
12. Do you know how to send and receive email and email attachments? Yes No
13. Will you be able to access email and the Internet daily? Yes No
14. Do you have access to and know how to use a word processing application such as Microsoft Word? Yes No
15. Do you know how to download and/or install software on your computer if needed? Yes No
16. Do you know how to create, save and manage files on your computer? Yes No
17. Do you know how to "copy" and "paste" text from a word processor into an email message? Yes No