Office of Retention


Our purpose is to retain students by providing integrated academic support services and comprehensive resources that foster academic success. Promoting the growth and development of our students and collaborating with faculty and staff are central to all of our efforts. Clearly, these alliances engender appropriate student-centered guidance and support.

While the Office of Retention staff members use a host of strategies and tactics to increase retention rates, the following are the structural foundation of program implementation:

  1. encouraging student engagement,
  2. fostering learning opportunities,
  3. bolstering academic support,
  4. endorsing student goals, and
  5. implementing proactive retention strategies.

Be reminded that the work required in order for you to graduate is arduous, and can sometimes be overwhelming. However, the services we offer through the Office of Retention are couched in a premise that you are at the core of our institution, and we are here to be of exceptional service to you.