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Quality Enhancement Plan FAQs

Office of SACS Compliance & Reaffirmation

Think! Write! Revolutionize!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?
    The QEP is a focused course of action designed to improve student learning in a specific area. ECSU's QEP will address academic writing. Our QEP slogan: Think! Write! Revolutionize!

  2. What is academic writing?
    Academic writing is the ability to write cohesive paragraphs using appropriate grammar and sentence structure. It is the ability to integrate and critically evaluate information from reputable sources for exposition (explanation) and description. Additionally, appropriate documentation and objective presentation of information are elements of academic writing.

  3. Why is the QEP important?
    The QEP is important to faculty, staff and administrators because it is an ongoing plan that enables us to improve upon our primary goal--educating students. Additionally, it allows us to determine, through assessment, where changes need to occur with regard to improving the academic writing skills of students. For example, we may learn that we need to decrease the number of students in our English classes or decrease the number of students in our writing intensive courses.

    The QEP is important to students as well as to faculty, staff and administrators because it is an important component for ECSU's reaffirmation of accreditation. What does this mean? Reaffirmation (accreditation) by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), http://www.sacscoc.org/, signifies to the public that ECSU is worthy of granting degrees and that the degrees we offer are of value.

  4. Who is involved with the QEP?
    Students, faculty and staff are involved with creating the QEP. Students, faculty and staff serve on the following committees: QEP Core Committee, QEP Subcommittees – branding, budgeting, marketing and writing.

    Individuals who are not serving on QEP committees may have already participated in the development of the QEP by completing surveys to select the QEP slogan, by attending focus groups and by submitting feedback and ideas to the QEP suggestion box. You may submit your comments or suggestions regarding the QEP to the QEP suggestion box http://www.ecsu.edu/academics/offices/sacs/

  5. What changes will faculty, staff and students notice in the curriculum?
    Students who entered ECSU in the 2008, 2009, 2010 fall semesters may notice an increase in writing assignments within two of their major courses. The affected courses will be the entry course within the major and the capstone course within the major. The capstone course is the last course students take within their major.

    Other students may notice an increase in educational assessments. These assessments will allow us to collect baseline data as well as allow us to engage in a trial run of the QEP before it officially begins.

    After the Fall of 2011, the QEP will be well integrated into ECSU's curriculum; therefore, no one will notice any changes within their courses.

  6. If asked, what do I specifically need to know about the QEP?
    • What does QEP stand for? Quality Enhancement Plan
    • What is our QEP slogan? Think! Write! Revolutionize!
    • What is the focus of the QEP? Academic writing
    • Who is involved with the QEP? Everyone

  7. Are there deadline dates for the QEP and do we get to vote as to whether or not we want the QEP?
    Yes, February 2011 is when SACs approves or disapproves our QEP plan. We are hoping that it will be approved. We need everyone to participate in order to have a positive outcome.

  8. Where may I find additional information about reaffirmation and reaccreditation?
    You may find additional information and frequently asked questions regarding the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and accreditation at the following website: http://www.sacscoc.org/faqs.asp