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Governance and Administration

Office of SACS Compliance & Reaffirmation

III. Mission, Governance, and Institutional Effectiveness

Governance and Administration

Comprehensive Standards

2. The governing board of the institution is responsible for the selection and the evaluation of the chief executive officer.

3. The legal authority, governance structure, and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas:

a. the institution's mission
b. the fiscal stability of the institution
c. institutional policy, including policies concerning related and affiliated corporate entities and all auxiliary services
d. related foundations (athletic, research, etc.) and other corporate entities whose primary purpose is to support the institution and/or its programs.

4. The board has a policy addressing conflict of interest.

5. The governing board is free from undue influence from political, religious, or other external bodies and protects the institution from such influence.

6. Members of the governing board can be dismissed only for cause and by due process.

7. There is a clear and appropriate distinction, in writing and practice, between the policy-making functions of the governing board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy.

8. The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies.

9. The institution has qualified administrative officers and staff with the experience, competence, and capacity to lead the institution.

10. The effectiveness of the institution's administrators, including the chief executive officer, is evaluated on a periodic basis.

11. The institution's chief executive officer has ultimate responsibility for and exercises appropriate administrative and fiscal control over the institution's intercollegiate athletics program.

12. The ultimate control of the institution's fund-raising activities rests with the institution's chief executive officer.

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