Tuition and Fees

  2017 Summer School Rates

 Note: For payment information, consult the Office of Student Accounts.

Book Rental [“IncludED”] Fee - (Optional)

$60/5-week session [Subject to change]    $60/8 - week session [Subject to change]

Although this fee is optional, it is usually more cost effective to use the book rental system than to purchase textbooks.

Book Rental Instructions

  • Textbooks can be shipped to students for $7.50, paid via credit card over the phone. Students are responsible for returning textbooks by the due date.
  • The store will operate on a summer schedule with reduced hours.
  • All special students (those who are grant funded or not technically enrolled at ECSU) will not receive “IncludED” Rental services and need to either purchase the textbooks or contact the book store to make other arrangements.

Text Rental Deadlines:

May 23, 2017:  Last day to ADD rental services for both sessions
May 26, 2017:  Last day to REMOVE rental services for both sessions, also the last day to return rented textbooks for dropped/cancelled courses
June 29, 2017: Rental Books returned by 4 p.m. for 5-week session 
July 21, 2017: Rental Books returned by 4 p.m. for 8-week session

Housing/Meal Plans

Single Occupancy Room-Undergraduate and Graduate:

5 week session               May 21st - June 28th              $895

8 week session               May 21st - July 20th               $1,410

Meal Plan- Residential

$599.54/5-week session - $599.54               $959.26/ 8-week session

Students who are enrolled in both sessions will be charged the meal plan for the 8-week session.

25 Commuter Meals Plan - $160.84