The Weekend and Evening College


The Weekend and Evening College at ECSU offers all learners the opportunity to pursue a college degree during the weekend and/or evening by accommodating the schedules of both traditional and non-traditional students. Classes are scheduled and conducted on Monday through Friday evenings as well as on Saturdays. The Weekend/Evening College continues to promote excellence in teaching as its primary responsibility to meet the needs of its diverse student body. Recognized for its quality instruction, ECSU combines the convenience and flexibility of distance learning with the rigors of face-to-face academic programs and personalized student services that help achieve professional excellence. The goals of the Weekend and Evening College are:

  • To positively impact student enrollment at Elizabeth City State University 
  • To provide an opportunity for all learners to pursue a college education by offering classes during the weekend and/or evening 
  • To improve the expertise of adjunct faculty by providing professional development activities 
  • To improve communications among major constituents of the Weekend/Evening College: Academic Affairs, Deans, Departmental Chairs, Faculty, Students, Departmental Advisors, and Weekend/Evening College Advisory Council 
  • To promote, enhance and expand services provided to Weekend/Evening College students and faculty