Elementary School Grades PK-5

Star Shows

 In My Backyard    
Grades PK-1   35 minutes
Explore the seasons, Ursa Major, the planets, meteors, and the Moon. This show features the voice and songs of children’s entertainer, Fred Penner.
The Halloween Show    
Grades K-5   35 minutes
Join Holly Ween, a student witch, and Jack, a pumpkin comedian, for a night of family fun as they explore Halloween History and traditions, the fall and winter constellations and the Phases of the Moon.
Moon Witch    
Grades 1      18 minutes
The perfect entertainment for Halloween, Moon Witch is a delightful show that will keep both children and adults spellbound in their seats. The setting is Halloween Eve and a young girl, Diana, is scared by the moon. It's following her! Join her as she learns about Earth's mysterious satellite, the questions and myths surrounding it and a brief history of man's first explorations of this silent, distant world.
The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket    
Grades 1-4   37 minutes
Embark upon an adventure in an imaginary rocket with two boys and the mysterious and magical book, The Student's Astronomy Guide. You'll travel through our solar system visiting the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
The Little Star That Could    
Grades 1-5   33 minutes
A star is born! But he has no name. Join him in his quest to find his name and planets to call his own. Along the way, you'll learn about old stars, new stars, blue-white stars, supernovas, double stars, the Milky Way and our solar system.
The Mystery of the Missing Seasons    
Grades 3-6   30 minutes

Join Angelo as he and two aliens from the planet Dipnot discover the mystery of why we have seasons. Students will learn about the tilt of the earth and how to recognize prominent seasonal constellations.

Sandy, Pepper & The Eclipse    
Grades 3-6   16 minutes
What is an eclipse? Come and learn as Sandy the dog explains to her younger canine companion the mysteries and wonders of solar eclipses. Teachers and parents alike will find Sandy's easy narration helpful in teaching children about one of nature's many marvels.
The Power    
Grade 4 - 7   32 minutes
Why are galaxies called the "building blocks of the universe"? How are they formed? and How and why do they appear to us as they do through the lens of a telescope? Explore these question and more with The Power.
Adventures Along the Spectrum    
Grade 4 - 7   40 minutes
Come and explore the light spectrum with the absent-minded Professor Photon. This entertaining show will introduce to you the various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. With Professor Photon, you can learn about radio, radar, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma waves, and their importance in exploring our universe today. On this journey, you'll discover pulsars and neutron stars, super novas, active galaxies, black holes, and quasars. Make your reservation today!
More Than Meet The Eye    
Grade 4 - Adult   18 minutes
More Than Meets The Eye compares images seen by the naked eye with the images of stellar space seen by other equipment. Through the eyes of binoculars, low power telescopes, and the photography of satellites such as Voyager and Pioneer, the audience will see planets, constellations, nebulae, and glimpses of distant galaxies. This well-constructed show will spark the imagination and encourage future stargazing.
Voyager II At Neptune    
Grade 5 - Adult   16 minutes
"All aboard" for a journey to the stars. Join Voyager 2 as he tours the planets of our solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. You'll learn about the planet Neptune and its unique features, all made possible by Voyager 2's powerful instruments and cameras. Experience the excitement of discovery as Voyager 2 goes where no one has gone before.
The Friendly Stars    
Grades PK-1   22 minutes
Meet Sol, the sun, in this all-digital, interactive planetarium show for our youngest viewers.  Get to know "our" star and meet some new ones in this delightful program for our youngest visitors featuring sky lore and more!