Plan a Field Trip

Plan A Field Trip

School Programs

The ECSU Khan Planetarium offers a variety of educational programs for school children in grades PK-12. For your specific grade level, please use utilize the following links.



The NASA SCIence Files, formerly the NASA Why Files, is a standards-based series that integrates and enhances the teaching of math, science, and technology. Students follow along and think with a group of treehouse detectives who use their problem-solving skills and scientific methods of inquiry to find answers to real-life mysteries.

Produced by NASA Langley Research Center's Office of Education, the NASA SCIence Files offers a user-friendly web site that includes teacher's guides and pages that link students, teachers, and parents to NASA programs, projects, and researchers.

The NASA SCIence Files' web site is a production of NASA Langley Research Center's Learning Technologies Project and Christopher Newport University.