Star Theater

The ECSU Khan Planetarium Star Theater is housed in a 30 ft dome with a unidirectional seating arrangement of 60 chairs. The heart of the Planetarium, our Spitz 512 star projector, features latitudinal, daily, annual and precessional motions for demonstration of various celestial phenomena.

The entire instrument may also be turned in azimuth rotation (360-degree continuous heading), thus providing audiences with comfortable and proper lines of sight.

In addition to the Spitz 512, more than 46 slide projectors are positioned around the dome for image display and special effects such as bolide, sleuth, zoom, rotating, all sky and panaroma views. The Star Theater is equipped with a JHE automation system, two video projectors, various DVD, VCR, ADAT and sound equipment and features two laser light systems, a red/green and white light (ILDA Compatible).