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E4U Overview

Want to find out how many absences you have without asking your instructor? Now you can with the launch of E4U! Using E4U you can:

Using E4U students have the ability to:

  • Check course attendance
  • Check progress reports (received 3rd and 7th/8th week of classes)
  • Schedule appointments with their advisor
  • Keep track of emails between instructors and advisors

 Be sure to activate your account to take advantage of these tools!

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Why Am I Marked At-Risk?

E4U is used by faculty to identify students who may need additional support or resources in order to be successful in a course. Being marked at-risk in a course does NOT mean that you will fail the class but is used as a way to alert you that you may need additional assistance in order to be successful.

Who Do I See If I Am Marked At-Risk?

If you are marked at-risk in a course you should first see your professor to ensure you have a clear understanding of why you have been marked at-risk. After you have seen your professor you should meet with your Academic Advisor to develop a plan to assist you in finishing the semester successfully.


Please contact the E4UAdministrator at E4U@ecsu.edu for additional information or to answer questions you have regarding E4Uat ECSU.