E-Mentee Student Information

E-Mentee Student Information

ECSU E-Mentoring and Internship Program

Mission Statement

The Mission of Elizabeth City State University's E-Mentoring Program is to provide, with the assistance of Alumni, Friends of the University and Corporate Partners and Volunteers, a platform for Mentoring and Student Engagement that will enhance student learning and prepare students for Internships while attending ECSU and Career Opportunities after graduation.

Student Related Goals

  • To help students make the difficult transition from high school to college;
  • To provide a safe, secure, environment that will allow student nurturing and engagement;
  • To development of new student leaders;
  • To aid students in persistence and graduation;
  • To assist students in assessing their career interest;
  • To provide internship experiences and career opportunities;
  • To instill “Viking Pride” within our new students. 

E-Mentees Responsibilities - E-Mentees Pledge to:

  • Commit to communicating with the mentor at least twice a month;
  • Develop a professional development plan;
  • Develop a communications plan;
  • Adhere to all e-mentoring policies and procedures;
  • Complete periodic surveys;
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA to be competitive for internship opportunities;
  • Be willing to serve as a Mentoring Program Ambassador for new students after Freshman Year.

Termination of E-Mentoring Relationship

An E-Mentee’s participation in the program may be terminated for any of the following reasons:

  • Violation of the e-mentoring communications policies and procedures;
  • Suspension, expulsion or withdrawal from the institution;
  • One or both parties do not want to continue the match;
  • A conflict arises that prevents the e-mentee from fulfilling their commitment to the program.


In addition to having the chance to participate in special internship and career development opportunities and receiving guidance and assistance, E-Mentees may receive:

  1. Special Section of Freshman Seminar
  2. Priority Registration
  3. Reserved or Priority Housing (based on availability)
  4. Special Mentoring Events and Activities
  5. Priority Financial Aid Assistance and Guidance
  6. Priority Book Rental Pick-Up

How to Become a E-Mentee

  1. Be a new freshman enrolled at Elizabeth City State University;
  2. Complete E-Mentoring and Internship Program Application (Students under 18 will need parent's signature);
  3. Agree to all e-mentoring policies and procedures;
  4. Enroll in Freshman Seminar for E-Mentoring;
  5. Complete E-Mentoring and Internship Program Training.

E-Mentor (Student) Application