E-Mentor Information

E-Mentor Information

ECSU E-Mentoring and Internship Program

Mission Statement

The Mission of Elizabeth City State University's E-Mentoring Program is to provide, with the assistance of Alumni, Friends of the University, and Corporate Partners and Volunteers, a platform for Mentoring and Student Engagement that will enhance student learning and prepare students for Internships while attending ECSU and Career Opportunities after graduation.

Responsibilities and Commitments

In the E-Mentoring and Internship program, the E-Mentor will:

  1. Complete the Mentor application and indicate agreement to a background screening.
  2. Complete a short matching profile questionnaire.
  3. Should be very comfortable with technology and self-expression online and communicate with Mentee utilizing ECSU e-mail address provided by the University.
  4. Participate in the E-Mentoring Orientation and Training seminar (technology based).
  5. Agree to commit to the program's timeframe and guidelines.
  6. Agree to serve as a mentor for at least one year, with the option of continuing if the opportunity is offered by the program coordinator.
  7. Develop, along with the Mentee, a Communication Plan including a schedule which will accommodate the programs identified goal of regular communication.
  8. Agree to only use the communication tools established by the university (email, Skype, Echo 360, MediaSite). The use of the approved communication tools will be arranged and documented by the program coordinator. The use of other social media communication tools, such as FaceBook and Twitter is strictly prohibited and may result in dismissal from the program.
  9. Accept mentees referred by the program coordinator without discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic background, religion or creed, national origin, sex, or age.
  10. Respond timely to inquiries by the program coordinator concerning the program.
  11. Relate interaction with assignments, as fully as possible, to mentee's major area of study and make every effort to emphasize career exploration, character building, and networking skills.
  12. Participate in a required assessment of the program.
  13. Notify the program coordinator, as soon as possible, if a conflict arises that prevents you from fulfilling your commitment to the program.

Termination of E-Mentoring Relationship

A mentor’s appointment may be terminated at any time for the following reasons:

  1. Violation of the e-mentoring communications policies and procedures.
  2. One or both parties do not want to continue the match.
  3. A conflict arises that prevents you from fulfilling your commitment to the program.

How to Become an E-Mentor

  1. Review goals and mission of the program along with required commitments
  2. Submit an application and accept participation agreement
  3. Agree to be subject to a background check
  4. Attend Virtual Orientation and On-line Training Module
  5. Be matched with New Viking
  6. Attend if possible the Kick Off Event

E-Mentor (Volunteer) Application