E-Mentoring and Internship Program

E-Mentoring and Internship Program

Welcome to our E-Mentoring and Internship Program

Elizabeth City State University's (ECSU) E-Mentoring and Internship Program is an institutional-wide initiative that aids students in making the transition into college life as well as gives students access to professional networks for future career endeavors.

The program exposes students to opportunities in their field of study, offers guidance and advice based on professional experiences, and provides support, encouragement, and access to professional networks for career development through electronic media.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Elizabeth City State University's E-Mentoring Program is to provide, with the assistance of Alumni, Friends of the University, and Corporate Partners and Volunteers, a platform for Mentoring and Student Engagement that will enhance student learning and prepare students for Internships while attending ECSU and Career Opportunities after graduation.


Program Goals

  • Goal 1: To provide a platform for students to gain early exposure to their fields of study by connecting students to industry professionals as resources.
  • Goal 2: To provide an accessible, safe, and secure environment in which mentors and mentees can share learning experiences.
  • Goal 3: To provide a “bridge” to internship opportunities.
  • Goal 4: To provide ongoing student encouragement, engagement and support.

This E-Mentoring and Internship Program will help instill “Viking Pride” while building long lasting relationships through networking with Viking Alumni, Friends, and Advocates of the University.



  • New freshmen will be matched with mentors;
  • Mentees and mentors will establish a constructive, nurturing, and engaging e-mentoring relationship;
  • Mentoring and engagement will be in a safe, secure, and user friendly e-mentoring environment;
  • Program may lead to internships after sophomore year and careers after graduation;
  • Program will help instill “Viking Pride”.