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Program Benefits


The E-SPARE Program provides a strong science curriculum enhanced by well designed co-curricular activities, including:

  • Research opportunities under the guidance of faculty. 
  • Participation in concurrent supplemental instruction to enhance achievement in the student's major. 
  • Workshops and motivational seminars as well as three academic and career advisement sessions. 
  • Networking with ECSU faculty from the ECSU School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, and networking with alumni and prominent visiting scientists. 
  • Participation in biomedical science seminar series, workshops and scientific research bowl competitions. 
  • Paper presentations at national science symposia. 
  • Publishing papers in biomedical science journals.
  • Engaging in activities that make each participant very competitive for acceptance into strong doctoral degree programs in the U.S. 

More Program Benefits

  • Hourly wage of $13/hour
  • Language and writing skills development
  • National and international summer research training
  • Networking opportunities with prominent scientists
  • Professional development
  • Student peer academic mentorship and tutorials
  • Preparation for entry into graduate school
  • GRE preparation