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Honors Program


Honors ProgramThank you for visiting the Elizabeth City State University Honors Program webpage. Here at ECSU, we believe that Honors Program students are: Competent, Confident, and Convincing. This motto is one that epitomizes the fact that Honors Program students have a deep, thorough knowledge-base that comes with natural curiosity, intellect, and vision; they are proud to share, exhibit or display that knowledge-base in any venue--using appropriate written and/or communication skills to present their research, arguments and daily discussions.

As has been said, Honors students are "intellectual risk-takers," who are always challenging their minds and seeking new learning opportunities. We are happy that you decided to see what the Honors Program here at Elizabeth City State University is all about, and to examine the activities, advantages, and excitement of being a part of the Program. During your tour, we hope that you will find answers to all your questions and more. Further, we hope that you will be pleased with what is offered and provide us feedback, if more detailed information is required.

If there is any second semester Freshmen or first year Sophomores interested in joining the Honors Program, their information has to be in our office by end of each semester.  You must have completed an application and make an appointment with Dr. Velma Blackmon, Director of the Honors Program.  The applications can be found on the Honors Program web site.  Appointments can be made by contacting Mrs. Edith Jennings, Administrative Associate at 335-3352.