Honors Program


Here at Elizabeth City State University, we believe that Honors Program students are: Competent, Confident, and Convincing. This motto is one that epitomizes the fact that Honors Program students have a deep, thorough knowledge-base that comes with natural curiosity, intellect, and vision; they are proud to share, exhibit or display that knowledge-base in any venue--using appropriate written and/or communication skills to present their research, arguments and daily discussions. 

As has been said, Honors students are "intellectual risk-takers," who are always challenging their minds and seeking new learning opportunities. We are happy that you decided to see what the Honors Program here at Elizabeth City State University is all about, and to examine the activities, advantages, and excitement of being a part of the Program. During your tour, we hope that you will find answers to all your questions and more. Further, we hope that you will be pleased with what is offered and provide us feedback, if more detailed information is required. 

Second semester Freshmen or first year Sophomores interested in joining the Honors Program, must sent application package to the Honors Program’s office by the end of each semester.  Students must have completed an application and make an appointment with Dr. Dolapo Adedeji, Director of the University Honors Program.  


The Honors Program is designed to challenge students with high academic potential at an accelerated rate and to provide them with exposure to a wide variety of in-depth academic, social, cultural and international experiences. The Honors Program is committed to fostering achievement at superior levels so that by graduation students will: 

  • Display exceptional proficiency in the command of both oral and written communication skills
  • Acquire a broad knowledge base by exploring diverse and tangential domains
  • Develop self-discipline and self-restraint both in character and in academic endeavors to the extent that counterproductive distractions will not be allowed to impede progress
  • Demonstrate motivation which is intrinsically induced to the extent that the student is stimulated to investigate, pursue, and continue to unravel various bodies of knowledge beyond average expectations
  • Obtain a psychological disposition that displays an independent and personal approach to the search for exceptional scholarship as opposed to a dependence on established patterns
  • Develop high levels of research, creative writing, technical writing, computational, and non-verbal skills so that a substantial level of proficiency will have been achieved by graduation. 

Benefits of the University Honors Program:

  • Small class size
  • Peer and faculty mentor program
  • Honors lecture series and workshops
  • Scholarship, fellowship, and professional development Opportunities
  • Special housing accommodation in a Living, Learning Community
  • Earning the Honors Scholars Blazer
  • Leadership development and training activities
  • Study abroad opportunities and participation in conferences
  • “Honors” indicated on official academic transcript
  • Honors Seal of Distinction and Medallion at graduation 


University Honors Program 
Moore Hall, Suite 127 
Elizabeth City State University 
1704 Weeksville Road 
Elizabeth City, NC 27909 
Telephone: 252-335-3352 
Fax: 252-335-3792 
E-mail: honors.program@ecsu.edu