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IC Officers

An officer for the ISO will have the honor to help organize student events, club activities and meetings and more. You will have to uphold to the ISO constitution and must have good
leadership skills. We will be electing new officers for the 2013-2014 school year in August 2013. If you are interested in being an officer for ISO, please contact Tresor Mbumba at 919-397-0173

IC Events Calendar

New Student Orientation for International Students. Join us for a week of FREE and exciting activities in order to meet the Elizabeth City and community and prepare for a successful school year! The orientation schedule for January 2013 will be posted by November 20, 2012.


  • To promote social interaction between diverse cultural groups on campus.
  • To foster awareness, appreciation, and understanding of different cultures.
  • To actively advance the needs of different cultural groups on campus.
  • To provide opportunities for community service.


The IC welcomes any Avila student who is interested in global affairs and cultural understanding, without regard to sex, race, religion, age, color, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin. The IC recognizes the worth, dignity and potential of each human being and does not condone hazing or any other membership requirements that may cause physical or emotional harm.

2012-2013 - Officers

President: Tresor Mbumba
Vice-President: Tanviben Patel
Secretary: Emily Ajumobi
Treasurer: Chancia Mouketou
Parliamentarian: Ama Agyapong
Community service coordinators: Kurt Swalander, Delivrance Tufuka
Fundraising coordinators: Michelle Kangkolo, Victor Aguilera

President: Organizes club events, or delegates the planning of a club event, leads each club meeting, attends The Council of President meetings.

Vice-President: Assists president in planning and conducting meetings and events. Fill-in for president as needed.

Secretary: Responsible for taking and distributing the minutes of all meetings. Assists president and vice-president.

Treasurer: Completes all financial transactions and maintains accurate records of all finance. Assists president and vice-president


Meetings are held once a month or as needed.

Election of officers

New officers are elected from a list of member-nominated candidates. Voting is by ballot at the first meeting of the Spring semester.


Funding comes from club fundraisers.


The proposed amendment will be given to all club members, and then voted on at the following club meeting. Any club member may propose an amendment.

Types of things the IC can and will do.

  • New Students Arrive in Norfolk Airport transportation provided
  • Move into rooms.
  • Open a Bank accounts
  • Meet with the International Programs director
  • Meet the student affairs division staff
  • Student ID, Books, and Business Office is open to assist you!
  • Campus Tour, meet at the student center
  • Register for classes
  • Rent books

International Programs Advisory Board 2012-2013

  • Dr. Chérif Seck, Chair
  • Dr.Hirendranath Banerjee,
  • Dr. Vandana Gavaskar,
  • Dr. Kuldeep Rawat,
  • Dr. Shadid Shahidullah,
  • Dr. John Luton,
  • Dr. Jose Gil,
  • Dr, Charlie Yuan,
  • Dr. Ngozi Oriaku,
  • Dr. Kassim Traoré.,
  • Dr. Chantelle MacPhee
  • Dr. Yan "Emily" Jin
  • Dr. Debjani Kandilal