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Pre-Summer Research Internship Questionnaire

Minority Access to Research Careers

Classification: Senior Junior
Name of Summer Research Internship Program:
Institution/Sponsor Name:
City, State (of program):
Website (of program):
When does your summer research internship begin (please give exact date)?
When does your summer research internship end (please give exact date)?
In the event that we need to contact you over the summer, what phone number and/or email address should we use?
1. Is this your first experience in a Research Internship program? Yes No
2. If not, list the research internships you have attended in past years.
3. What sources did you use to obtain information on summer research programs?
Professors Bulletin Board
E-MARC Department Office
Table at a conference
4. Please list all of the summer research internship programs that you applied for and indicate your admission status.
Program Admission Status
5. Why did you choose the internship program you'll be participating in this summer?
6. What concerns or anxieties do you have as you plan for the summer?
7. Do you have any regrets/problems about deciding to go away for the summer (such as family, school, or research issues)?
8. How has your ECSU mentor reacted to your leaving for the summer?