Activities and Components

Activities & Components

ECSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program Activities

Program Registration (Sept.)
Fall Program Enrollment

Parents Involved for Excellence (PIE) Meetings (Sept.-June)
Monthly meetings of school based parent clubs.

Leadership Retreat (October)
Leadership retreat training for High School MSEN students

Saturday Academy Sessions (Oct.-May)
12-15 Saturdays held on the university campus with intensive math, science, and career awareness curricula.

African-American History Celebration (Feb.)
Students participate in art and oratorical competitions celebrating the history of African-Americans.

PIMS (Graduate Chapter AKA) (Oct.-May)
Partnership in Math and Science

MSEN DAY Local, Regional, and State Competitions (Feb.-April)
Students participate in a variety of math, science, oratorical, and writing competitions.

Science and Math Fairs (Feb.-April)
Students design and build projects for local and state competitions.

Junior/Senior Surveys (April-May)
Surveys on career and college selections are administered to 11th and 12th grade students.

Awards Day Ceremony (May)
Students academic recognition and awards.

Summer Residential Program (July)
Programs, generally for students in grades 7-12, held on the university campus for 1-2 weeks. A focus on intensive math and science curricula; math and science projects; and science laboratory research, including high school internships.


ECSU NC-MSEN Pre-College Program Components

Saturday Academy
12-15 Saturday's held on the university campus with intensive math, science, communications, and career awareness curricula.

Summer Scholars Program
1-2 weeks (residential) camp held on the university campus with intensive math, science, and laboratory research opportunity.

Parent Participation
Formation of school-based parent (PIE) clubs, and PIE Advisory Board.

Academic & College Advising
Course & college entrance advising, career awareness with role model speakers.

Math & Science Competitions
At NC-MSEN local, regional, and state levels.

Recognition & Scholarships
Recognition of academic achievements

Academic Tutoring
Peer, university, business, and community persons tutoring math and science.

Leadership Skills
Leadership opportunities, annual Retreat.