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Center for Teaching Excellence



The Center for Teaching Excellence offers opportunities for faculty development to enhance teaching and learning. Our services include providing professional development workshops, consulting with individual faculty members and departments, teaching and learning enhancement, discussions of education issues, resource development, research, and collaborations.

The CTE believes in the philosophy that teaching excellence is an attainable goal. To this end, we believe that there are certain general features of good teaching, including establishing and communicating clear learning objectives, involving students in learning and evaluation of performance in ways that accurately reflects goals.

The Center for Teaching Excellence also recognizes that ECSU faces new instructional challenges as we move further into the 21st century. Instructors will face increasing demands for technological expertise in teaching and learning. This means that each of us will need to explore new methods and practices for making our teaching more effective, flexible and inclusive. Our workshops, in teaching and learning in the diverse multicultural classroom and in teaching technologies, will help prepare faculty and teaching assistants for teaching and for enabling learning in this new environment of diversity and technology in an internationally changing world.

Contact: Dr. Joseph Lisowski Phone: (252)335-3753
Center for Teaching Excellence