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Honors Program



The Honors Program is designed to challenge students with high academic potential at an accelerated rate and to provide them with exposure to a wide variety of in-depth academic, social, cultural and international experiences.The Honors Program is committed to fostering achievement at superior levels so that by graduation students will:

  1. Display exceptional proficiency in the command of both oral and written communication skills;
  2. Acquire a broad knowledge base by exploring diverse and tangential domains;
  3. Develop self-discipline and self-restraint both in character and in academic endeavors to the extent that counterproductive distractions will not be allowed to impede progress;
  4. Demonstrate motivation which is intrinsically induced to the extent that the student is stimulated to investigate, pursue, and continue to unravel various bodies of knowledge beyond average expectations;
  5. Obtain a psychological disposition that displays an independentand personal approach to the search for exceptional scholarship as opposed to a dependence on established patterns; and
  6. Develop high levels of research, creative writing, technical writing, computational, and non-verbal skills so that a substantial level of proficiency will have been achieved by graduation.


Contact: Dr. Velma Blackmon Phone: (252) 335-3294
Honors Program