QEP Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the rhetorical skills required in academic, professional, and civic life. 
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to comprehend material - print and electronic - and to think critically and analytically about relevant sources.
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of the writing process as recursive: drafting, writing, revising and editing. 
  • Students will demonstrate mastery of disciplinary writing conventions: organization, persuasion and mechanics.

Additional Assessment

QEP Dedicated Faculty currently use two rubrics to assess student writing. There is a unique rubric for the GE 102 (Composition & Grammar I) and GE 103 (Composition & Vocabulary II). 

GE 102 and GE 103 students also complete a Grammar Pre-test and Post-test. This data is used to determine students' mastery of basic grammatical skills that are taught in this course.

  • QEP Dedicated Faculty serve as raters of essays gathered through Blackboard Outcomes. 
  • GE 102 and GE 103 students also submit their essays to Safe Assignment to check for plagiarism.

Assessement Flow