What is QEP?

What is QEP?

“Think! Write! Revolutionize! Writing the Pathways to Discovery!”

The ECSU QEP is designed to impact student learning positively.

  • The letters QEP stand for "Quality Enhancement Plan." To enhance the quality of undergraduate education, ECSU has initiated a campus-wide plan focused on academic writing skills: “Think! Write! Revolutionize! Writing the Pathways to Discovery!”
  • The purpose of ESCU’s QEP is to enhance students’ academic writing skills, while strengthening their reading comprehension and critical/analytical thinking skills.
  • The successful implementation and completion of the QEP is a requirement of accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools-Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC).
  • Guided by our Mission Statement and goals in our Strategic Plan, the ECSU QEP is designed to impact student learning positively. The purpose of developing the QEP as a part of the reaffirmation process has become an opportunity for ECSU to improve academic writing and enhance the overall quality of the institution.

The QEP supports ECSU’s Vision Statement to “attract and retain a diverse and highly qualified faculty that will educate and lead our students to become productive members of a global and increasingly interdependent society.”  

Why did we choose this topic?

Technological advances, changing workplace demands, and cultural shifts make writing more important than ever, especially because the way we write often predicts academic and/or job success, creates opportunities for civic participation, maintains relationships, and enhances critical thinking. (Writing Now, NCTE Policy Brief, 2008). 

Perceived Need 

The decision to address academic writing developed from academic research, institutional strategic plans, campus-wide surveys, focus groups, open forums, and several university-wide committees of faculty, administrators, staff, and students. 

Pedagogical Enhancement and Support

  • GE 102 and GE 103 - The Freshman Composition sequence will be taught by especially trained, qualified and dedicated QEP faculty who will introduce students to the processes and approaches to successful college writing
  • Student writing success will be supported by the QEP Writing Studio located in Johnson Hall. It is a state-of-the-art facility which offers a wide variety to resources for successful college writing. Tutoring sessions and workshops held in the Writing Studio are built into the curriculum. 
  • Students will receive thoughtful feedback from peers, tutors, and instructors about strengths and development throughout the year. Students will compile a portfolio of writing and continue to develop as academic writers throughout their undergraduate career.

Progress and Quality Enhancement

A dedicated group of faculty will assess student growth and development a s academic writers in GE102 and G103. This data is formative (provides ongoing feedback) and summative. Results will be shared with students, faculty, administrators and in reporting to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC).

The above information appears in Dr. Vandana Gavaskar’s QEP brochure. Click here to view the entire document.