Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Writing Studio located?

The Writing Studio is located on the first floor of Johnson Hall in room 143. 


What should I expect at my tutoring session?

Writing studio tutors are peer tutors comprised of upperclassmen and graduate tutors. In either case, tutors will behave professionally, and have been trained to provide you with feedback on your draft. Tutors will not write the draft for you; instead, they address your concerns and help you find the information you need. 


What should I bring to my tutoring session? 

Students should bring their writing prompt or assignment sheet, a copy of their draft, as well as something to write with. Bring the writing prompt is essential because it allows tutors to have a better understanding of what the assignment is about.


How long will the session last?

Typically sessions last for 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes the tutor and the student have not finished discussing the entire draft, the student may make another appointment. Limiting sessions to 30 minutes ensures that tutors can stay on schedule, and help the maximum number of students.


How will the tutor interact with me?

The tutors are there to help you strengthen your writing. Their job is not to write the paper for you. Tutors will evaluate your work holistically; therefore, you should not expect them to concentrate on surface level errors such as grammar and punctuation. At the beginning of the session, let your tutor know if there are specific areas of the draft that you wish to receive feedback on. 


Why should I go to the writing center?

Revision and peer editing are essential to developing a successful draft. The writing studio provides students with a safe environment to receive feedback on a draft, ask questions, and correct major issues before turning in the assignment for a grade. It is a unique opportunity for students to learn from their mistakes with the support of a community of writers. 


Will the Writing Studio inform my instructor about my tutoring session?

Yes. In part, this provides the instructor with verification that the student did in fact attend the session. However, it also allows instructors to have a better understanding of the student’s specific needs. 


How do I schedule an appointment? Cancel an appointment?

Currently, you may visit the writing center directly in143 Johnson Hall to schedule (or cancel) an appointment. You can call the Writing Studio to schedule or cancel an appointment at (252) 335-4326, or e-mail the Writing Studio at: QEPWritingStudio@ecsu.edu


Can I receive help on an assignment when I am not physically in the Writing Studio?

Yes. GE 102 and GE 103 students can e-mail the rough draft to QEPWritingStudio@ecsu.edu to receive tutor feedback. GE 102 and GE 103 students can find more information about this topic within the “QEP Writing Studio” tab of their Blackboard course shell. 


Can I use the QEP Writing Studio if I am not currently in GE 102 or GE 103? 

Students who are not currently enrolled in GE 102 or GE 103 can do walk-in sessions with tutors; however, they cannot schedule appointments. All GE 102 and GE 103 students are required to visit the QEP Writing Studio twice, and as a result those students are given priority. Students who are not in GE 102 or GE 103 are also unable to log-on to the computers in the computer lab.