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Writing Studio Policies

QEP Writing Studio

  • GE 102 and GE 103 are required to attend a minimum of two tutoring sessions during the semester or their final average will be dropped by one letter grade.
  • Students can also receive asynchronous tutoring via e-mail (QEPWritingStudio@ecsu.edu). This will count as a required visit. GE 102 and GE 103 students can find more information about this on the “QEP Writing Studio” tab of their GE 102/103 Blackboard course shell.
  • Students can schedule a maximum of two appointments per week.
  • Students may schedule a maximum number of 20 appointments per semester. This includes both face-to-face, asynchronous, and Smarthinking sessions.
  • Late and No Show Policy - If a student is more than 10 minutes late, his or her session will be given to a walk-in. If a student arrives after the ten minute window, he or she may reschedule the appointment, or treated as a walk-in.
  • Each session will last 30 minutes. If students would like additional help with an assignment, schedule another appointment for later in the week.
  • After a tutoring session takes place, an e-mail will be sent to the student’s instructor. This report not only serves as proof that the student attended the session, but will also briefly describe what occurred during the session.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Writing Studio. Students may eat or drink upstairs in the student lounge, but all containers must be sealed and put away before entering the Writing Studio.
  • Be respectful of all Writing Studio tutors and staff. Tutors and staff are there to help students improve your writing. Disciplinary or behavioral problems can result in a student being permanently banned from the Writing Studio.
  • Security cameras will be used to monitor the Writing Studio.
  • Students should arrive with the assignment sheet or writing prompt, something to write with, and either prewriting or a rough draft. If you need help coming up with a topic, or getting started with a draft, please specify this when you sign up for an appointment.
  • Students may not sign up for back to back appointments. The writing studio is committed to helping as many students as possible. Time must also be allowed for students to edit the essays they came in with, and apply the changes suggested during their session.
  • After three no-shows, students will be banned for the remainder of the semester. If students cannot attend a session, use the link on the Writing Studio website to cancel your appointment.
  • Intentional plagiarism will not be tolerated. If a tutor suspects that the student has committed intentional plagiarism, the tutor may inform the student’s instructor. The tutor has the right to cancel the tutoring session, and the student may be temporarily banned from the Writing Studio. The tutor must also report the incidence of plagiarism to the Coordinator of the First Year Writing Program.
    • Click here to read Elizabeth City State University’s Academic responsibility Policy.