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ECSU ID Card Office
Lester Hall, Room 110
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How to care for your ID card

Card Care:

The Elizabeth City State University Identification Card (ID) must be properly cared for; if replacement is necessary due to lost, stolen, misplaced or excessive wear the cost of replacement will be the responsibility of the named person on the ID Card. The replacement fee is $20.00 (twenty dollars). ID cards should be carried in a protective holder or a wallet.  If you should find an ECSU ID card, please contact Campus Police, or the University ID card office.

Things to avoid in order preventing damage to your ID card:

  • Sharing your ID card is prohibited
  • Placing your ID card next to an abrasive surface
  • Exposing your card to extreme temperatures.
  • Placing your card close to magnetic fields (such as TV's, stereos, microwaves, computers) as this may erase the ID's magnetic strip. Erased cards will require re-encoding at the ID Card Office. This re-encoding is done at no charge.
  • Punching holes in ID cards for any reason.
  • Sending card through the laundry.
  • Scratching the magnetic strip.
  • Bending the card.

Cards that No Longer Work:

Occasionally, card readers cannot read an Identification Card magnetic strip. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Most often it is because the magnetic strip on the back of the card becomes damaged or erased. Both these problems require a visit to the University ID Card Office for resolution. The proper university officials will be notified of cards that have been tampered with and may result in disciplinary action. 

Contact Information:

Please contact the ECSU ID Card Office at (252)335-3578.