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Introduction from Chancellor Willie J. Gilchrist

2009 - 2010 Budget Process

At the outset of a new fiscal year, we develop plans for expanding services to our constituents in our 21 counties. We recognize that the future of North Carolina is entrusted to the individuals who prepare our citizens to be competitive in this increasingly global economy. These expanded services are planned in anticipation of new funding and increased resources. Unfortunately, the State is not in the position it had been in previous years. Therefore we must adapt our thinking, practices and expectations to be consistent with current realities.

For the year 2009-10, we all agree that the core mission of the University must be conserved, to the extent possible. The strategic plan for the public university system as outlined by President Bowles in UNC Tomorrow and adopted by ECSU must also be considered as we evaluate the scarcity and allocation of resources. We must also recognize any priorities established by the Board of Trustees as they provide direction to the management of the University. With those constraints firmly in mind, we must carefully allocate any resources that become available to ensure that we achieve these high priorities, to the extent possible.

It is our continuing goal to be transparent as we work, collectively, to improve our fiscal accountability while enhancing the quality of our academic program. We also want to hear from you, your thoughts, concerns and issues. If you have ideas related to cost saving efforts, revenue generation and/or expense reduction, please forward those ideas too! Please direct your suggestions to rggaines@ecsu.edu.

The challenges we face are numerous. As we receive information, it will be disseminated as quickly as possible. The opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our University are also enormous. We must continue to embrace change that delivers cost effective services to our students. We must daily, enforce fiscal accountability as we protect our academic mission and accept our responsibility to be excellent stewards of the public funds and trust.

Additional budget updates/information can be found in the following documents:

Continuing Budget Authority for the 2009-10 Fiscal Year
(This document established the operating authority for 2009-10)

Executive Order Number 20 - Establishing Budget Management Restrictions for State Agencies for the 2009-10 Fiscal Year
(This document from Governor Beverley Perdue established the budget management restrictions for state agencies for the 2009-10 fiscal year)

Directives from the Office of State Budget and Management

Fiscal Year 2009-10 Budget Management Restrictions
(This document provides further guidance to state agencies in the
execution of the directive from the Governor)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
(This document addresses general questions from state agencies and common responses)

Reduction in Force under Continuing Resolution
(This document provides guidance in the implementation of reduction in force for state agencies)