Personal Safety App for ECSU


Elizabeth City State University has introduced the new, free, personal safety app, now available to all university students, faculty, administrators and staff.  The app is for routine security/safety situations.

Developed by NowForce, a maker of mobile and cloud-based rapid emergency response solutions, the personal safety app contains an SOS (panic) button and the ability to report an incident through a "see something, say something" functionality.

The app is like a hand-held, personal emergency phone that connects the caller directly to campus security personnel, so law enforcement can send assistance as fast as possible.

Students can use the app to request escorts or report security incidents, harassment, medical emergencies, fires, alcohol or drug violations, and a host of other issues.

How to Register

  1. Visit: SOS Application Registration Form
  2. After submitting the registration form, a text message will be sent to your smartphone with a link to download the application from either the App Store or Google Play Store.  Save the app in a convenient location, such as your home screen.
  3. The text message will also contain a link through which you can add emergency contacts.  In case of emergency, your contacts will receive a text and/or email.
  4. With the login credentials in the text, log into the app.  You will only need to do this once.  The region should be set to "Global."


 NowForce Picture

How it Works

Using the SOS (Panic) Button

SOS (Panic) Button

  • When the SOS button is swiped, it calls the campus security number and generates an "SOS" incident that is sent to security personnel.  (If swiped by accident, the user has 4 seconds to cancel the alert).
  • Once swiped, the caller's location will be visible to campus security personnel, which will monitor and track the caller's location until either campus security resolves the incident or the user aborts the alert.

Reporting an Incident

Reporting Incident

  • The Reporter function enables users to report a specific incident and include details.
  • To switch to the Reporter home screen, use the bottom menu.
  • The incident type is selected from a dropdown menu.
  • The user may enter additional information and upload an image from a pop-up form.  When the user presses "send," campus security personnel will be notified of the incident and the location of the caller.

Please contact University Police at (252) 335-3266 with any questions.