Federal Work-Study Job Application

Federal Work-Study Job Application


Elizabeth City State University Office of Student Financial Aid Office and Scholarships offers Federal Work Study employment to students as part of their financial aid package. All students who seek Federal Work Study employment must submit a Federal Work Study Job Application to be considered for a position. ONLY students qualified by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships with an unmet need are eligible to participate in the program.

**Please note that students must reapply each academic year/summer to renew their employment.


Please complete all fields. 

All applicants must submit a resume. Please click the Submit Resume button below. All resumes should follow the Student Employment Resume Template



CRIMINAL HISTORY: CRIMINAL OFFENSE includes felonies and misdemeanor offenses. CONVICTION is an adjudication of guilt and includes determinations before a court, a district justice or magistrate and pleas of nolo contendre (no contest) that result in a fine, sentence or probation. For this question disregard: minor traffic violations (no points), offenses committed before your 18th birthday which were adjudicated in juvenile court under a Youth Offender Law, and any charges which have been expunged by a court or for which you successfully completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program. A “Yes” answer is not necessarily a bar to employment.

Each student agrees to the following terms of student employment when he/she submits this application for student employment:

  1. You are not authorized to begin employment or receive compensation for hours worked until you receive a Federal Work Study Contract. 
  2. Newly hired students are required to complete all pre-employment forms.
  3. Employment may begin only after Human Resources has confirmed your successful background clearance completion.
  4. The amount of the work study award indicates potential earnings. It is not a guarantee of employment. All wages are paid to the student and are not deducted from your university bill.
  5. If you wish to renew your student employment, you should submit a new FAFSA and Federal Work Study Job Application.
  6. Work hours may vary according to your class schedule and a supervisor’s schedule. However, you may not exceed the maximum of 20 hours per week and total allowable gross earnings on the Federal Work Study contract. An employment award is subject to revision if you receive additional financial aid that was not considered at the time your employment award was made.
  7. You must maintain academic good standing and satisfactory progress to be eligible for student employment.
  8. Violation of the following rules could result in immediate termination: unauthorized disclosure of confidential information, or falsifying information; improper use of any university property, including office supplies, photocopier, keys, equipment, university vehicles, mail or phone service; and falsification of hours worked. If a supervisor deems it necessary to terminate a student’s job, the student should receive a written notice, two weeks in advance, stating the justification for termination. In the case of serious violation, termination becomes immediate.


By submitting this application hereby understand and agree to these terms of employment. In addition, I authorize the Elizabeth City State University Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships to release/publish my information contained on this application for the purpose of assisting me in locating a student employment position on campus.

Elizabeth City State University is committed to freedom of expression. Students may not be removed from their student employment positions solely on the basis of their expression of ideas and/or opinions.



After submitting your application, if you do not receive Your application was submitted successfully, review the application to find and correct errors highlighted in red then resubmit application.