Department of Enrollment Management

Department of Enrollment Management

Mission Statement

The Department of Enrollment Management coordinates the strategic enrollment services of the university. Working collaboratively with academic units, student affairs, and various administrative units, the Enrollment Management team identifies and implements goals, strategies, and processes integral to the mission of Elizabeth City State University. The results of this effort are to exceed student expectations and university goals.

About Us

At ECSU, we define Enrollment Management as "a comprehensive, research-driven systems approach focused on locating, enrolling, and retaining students from the time of their inquiry through graduation and post-graduation." Because student success is embraced by the entire university community, all departments, units, and offices work cohesively to provide students with essential tools for success. Enrollment Management is a holistic process designed to promote student success. 

What We Do

The Enrollment Management Department is responsible for all matters related to its policy development, program implementation, and assessment initiatives. Exceptional service is provided to prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the public by responding to inquiries and concentrating on:

  • student recruitment
  • admissions
  • financial aid and scholarships
  • registration and student records


Elizabeth City State University has positioned itself to thrive in an ever-evolving and increasingly complex global society. With the demands of the 21st century, we realize the urgency to grow enrollment, retention, and graduation rates - particularly in an ever-increasing competitive environment. Thus, our Enrollment Management team provides the impetus for the university to recruit higher ability students while deploying specific strategies to bolster student matriculation until degree completion.

We understand that there is a strong connection between student satisfaction and the services we provide; therefore, program success is reinforced by our abilities to exceed student needs. We do this by:

  • providing professional service from highly trained staff
  • removing barriers to student success
  • automating processes and procedures
  • reviewing policies and practices regularly
  • responding to students in an accurate, timely manner
  • including the student voice in Enrollment Management planning
  • maintaining a "student-focused" culture.