Facilities Update

June 4, 2012

This year, a performance contract with Honeywell Corporation was authorized by the Board of Trustees of Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) and the State of North Carolina.  The purpose of this contract is to update the energy efficiencies in select buildings on campus.  A secondary purpose of this contract is to increase the sustainability of facilities, making the campus more efficient in the utilization of resources.

A third purpose of this contract is to reduce operating costs. The buildings included in this contract are the Marion D. Thorpe Administration, Moore Hall, R.L. Vaughan Center and Annex, Chiller Plant, Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center and G.R. Little Library. These buildings were selected based on various criteria that included the amount of savings to be achieved as a result of the upgrades within a specified period.

All of the above buildings will receive upgrades to the lightning and plumbing systems. Lighting upgrades include a switch to more energy efficient lighting.   This process includes the installation of occupancy sensors which detect the presence or absence of movement in rooms and corridors. Lights are automatically turned on/off, based on movement detected by the sensors.  Water aerators have been installed which reduce the flow of water from facets and toilets.  

In addition to the lightning and water upgrades delineated above, specific heating and cooling and air quality processes will be installed in some of the identified buildings.  Below is a summary of the work performed or expected to be performed, by building, in addition to the efficiencies described in the previous paragraph.

Moore Hall

Outside air handlers will be installed in Moore Hall. These air handlers will improve the quality of air circulating in the building. In addition, the heating and cooling systems are being replaced.  The new heating and cooling systems will have digital controls. In order to accomplish that, asbestos in the mechanical rooms, crawl spaces and attics had to be abated.  The removal of the asbestos in these locations was performed by Carolina Environmental Design. After removal, air samples were taken in these areas and submitted to CEI Labs for analyses. 

The analyses verified that the abatements were performed in accordance with all federal and state rules and regulations and that the ECSU personnel could commence to utilize the areas, as appropriate.

The full reports are available in the G. R. Little Library at the reserve desk.

Marion D. Thorpe Administration Building

The heating and air cooling systems in the Marion D. Thorpe Administration Building are scheduled to be modified to allow for a consistent and uniform level of heating and cooling in all areas. 

R.L. Vaughan Center and Annex

Both the R.L. Vaughan Center and the Annex will receive digital controls. These digital controls will automatically adjust the air quality and efficiency of heating and/or cooling systems. Currently, these buildings are operated with manual controls which require human intervention to adjust to weather and /or temperature changes.

Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center

The Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center will be connected to the central or Chiller Plant. The boilers which were previously utilized to heat the building have been removed. Heating and cooling will be obtained from the central or Chiller Plant which had excess capacity.  Air handlers have also been installed to control the quality of air circulating throughout the facility. Digital or computerized controls will monitor the systems and will automatically adjust to building requirements.  

As we continue to move toward a more sustainable and efficient campus, I ask for your indulgence with the work crews, processes and possible inconveniences.  To the extent possible, work has been scheduled to be performed in the evening hours in order to minimize disruptions during the normal workday.

Thank you for your patience as we move forward to update our facilities and improve their capacity for providing increased comfort to you.  All work is currently scheduled to be completed by September, 2012.

Please contact me at 3214 if you have any additional questions or if I may provide additional assistance.

Robert G. Gaines, MBA, CPA
Special Assistant to the Chancellor

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