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MODEL Scholars Program

My experience with the MODEL Scholars program was phenomenal.  I became acclimated to the campus of ECSU before the school year even began, which was awesome.  In the program, I took two GE college courses (College Algebra & English).  I received two B's from those two classes.  Not only was the MODEL Scholars Program helpful academically, but socially as well.  I was able to meet many new people that I am still friends with until this day.  The MODEL Scholars Program was a great experience.  I would advise any incoming freshman to participate in this program, to help them start their college experience the right way. 

Titus Lee
MODEL Scholar 2012 Participant
Criminal Justice Major

My experience with the MODEL Scholars was very helpful.  The program got me ready to into the college life.  In the program, I got used waking up and going to class as well as getting use to the campus.  I believe that the MODEL Scholars program has helped many beginning college students.  I also enjoyed myself with all the activities and trips the mentors set up for us.  I believe that without MODEL Scholars I would not have been prepared as I am now.

Jacklyn Boyce
MODEL Scholar 2012 Participant
Computer Science Major

As a student in the program, I enjoyed the program and bonding experience.  It helped me to handled playing college football and mastering my work my freshman year and throughout.  As a mentor, I really enjoyed watching each new student find and retain something positive through my leadership. The mentor/mentee bond is one that will always be an uplifting one. Working for Ms. Turner, Mr. Eure and Dr Dutch has truly been a pleasure.  Thank you for dedication to student success.

Keitha Whitaker
MODEL Scholar 2009 Participant
MODEL Scholar 2010, 2011, 2012, Mentor
Criminal Justice Major