Recycling Program

Recycling Program

Vision Statement

The Elizabeth City State University Recycling Program strives to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal by recycling all materials banned from disposal in Pasquotank County. In addition, we endeavor to increase campus-wide knowledge and awareness of recycling and waste reduction. We support Facilities Management's mission to economically provide and maintain a safe, comfortable, and attractive environment for all members of the University community through a commitment to excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ECSU Recycling Program is to partner with the campus community to promote sustainable resource management practices and to conserve the earth's natural resources.

Recycling Education and Promotion
The primary goal of a campus-wide recycling program and waste reduction education program is to divert recyclable waste from disposal in the landfill. Our program strives to demonstrate to students, faculty and staff how to re-think how they buy and dispose of goods. With the changing economy and global warming, we must take steps to reduce our waste and our impact on the environment.

A successful recycling program must provide insight and incentive to increase participation. In the interest of developing a successful program, recycling program contacts are needed for each department to assist with the dissemination of information. Communications will be primarily through e-mail. A list serve will be established to link the contacts with the Recycling Coordinator to keep departments informed and inspired; distribute information; and help students, faculty and staff actively participate in reducing waste on campus.
Recycling and conservation activities are available in which ECSU may get involved. Earth Day and RecycleMania, which runs from January through April each year, are two of the national and international events in which ECSU may participate to increase awareness of waste reduction and conservation.

Recycled materials are collected by the Building and Environmental Services staff. However, it takes the entire university community to make recycling at ECSU successful. Before you buy something, think about your real need and what will become of the item when you are done with it. There is a finite amount of landfill space available for future generations. Let's make better choices in what we purchase and be responsible in how we dispose of our waste. If recycling is an option - it's a better choice. If re-use is an option - it's the best choice.