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Thumb TackWe are pleased to announce that ECSU has taken another big step towards not only becoming more efficient in our timekeeping, and adherence to the Fair Labor Standards Act and Office of State Personnel rules, but also in our path toward paperless processing. Click here for more information.

Thumb TackBereavement - Time away from work due to a death in the immediate family may be charged to accrued sick time. See "sick leave" for more information.

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Non-Job Related Civil Leave


Leave with pay is provided to employees when serving on a jury or when subpoenaed as a witness. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform the supervisor of the expected absence.

Employees Covered

Employees with a full-time or part-time (half-time or more) permanent, probationary, trainee, or time-limited appointment are covered for non-job related civil leave. (Employees with a temporary, intermittent or part-time [less than half-time] appointment are not eligible for non-job related civil leave but are eligible for job-related civil leave and other job-related proceedings.)

Jury Duty

An employee who serves on a jury is entitled to:

  • leave with pay
  • regular compensation, and
  • fees received for jury duty.

The employee:

  • should report back to work as soon as jury duty is completed, and
  • must report back to work the day following completion of the duty.

Note: If jury duty occurs on a scheduled day off, the employee is not entitled to additional time off. Time on jury duty is not included in total hours worked per week.

Shift Employees

When a second shift employee serves on a jury, the employee will not be required to work on the day that jury duty occurs. When a third shift employee serves on a jury, the employee will not be required to work the third shift that begins on the day prior to the day that jury duty occurs. This applies to all employees, regardless of the length of the shift.