Dental Insurance (after tax)

Dental Insurance (after tax)


Blue Cross Blue Shield is the carrier for the voluntary after tax dental plan.  Permanent employees who work 20 hours or more per week are eligible to enroll in dental insurance.  Employees must enroll during the first 30 days of employment.  The effective date of coverage is the first month following the employment date.
Glance at Benefits

After Tax Dental Benefits

Annual Deductible $25 (Individual)/$75 (Family)
Annual Maximum $1,000
Preventive Services 100%
No Waiting Period
Basic Services 80% after deductible
6-Month Waiting Period
Major Services 50% after deductible
12-Month Waiting Period
Orthodontia 50% ($1,500 lifetime maximum)
Waiting Periods All waiting periods apply to New Hires, Open Enrollment Enrollees and Late Adds


Monthly Dental Premiums

Employee Only $33.86
Employee/Spouse $67.42
Employee/Child(ren) $71.88
Family $116.32