Life Insurance

ING is the pre-tax NCFlex plan which is covered under the core benefits. The following are other companies on campus that offer life insurance via payroll deduction:

  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • Colonial Life
  • North Carolina Mutual

Eligible Employees
Permanent employees working 20 hours or more per week are eligible to enroll.

Eligible Dependents

Dependents include: spouse and dependent children.


  • Contact North Carolina Mutual at 1-800-635-4467
  • Contact Colonial Life Insurance at 1-800-325-4368
  • Contact AFLAC at 252-793-4608
  • Contact Allstate Life Insurance at 1-336-992-4515

Supplemental Insurance

The following vendors offer a variety of supplemental insurance policies such as disability, sick, life, intensive care, etc:

Company Representative Phone Number
AFLAC Laura Ambrose 252-809-9344
Allstate Terry Williams 336-992-4547
Colonial Ken Lang 800-325-4368
NC Mutual William Walton 704-430-6094

Contact the representative for more information regarding these policies.

Savings Bonds

United States Series EE Savings Bonds can be purchased through payroll deduction.

Eligible Employees:
; Permanent employees who work 75% or more (20 hours of more per week)

For more information, including rates of return and how to purchase bonds, visit the Savings Bond website at call 800-4US-Bond.


North Carolina College Savings Plan

North Carolina's National College Savings Program offers options to help you save for a college education for your child, yourself, or someone else you care about.; This multi-option plan is authorized by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina, is maintained by the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority, and is administered by College Foundation, Inc., in accordance with Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code.

To Enroll:

  • First, read the Program Description and, if applicable, any Program Description Supplements.; These provide the details you need to know before making your investment decisions.
  • Then, click on "Start a College Savings Program Now" or "Forms" to get an Enrollment and Participation Agreement.; You may choose to download the form or enroll online.; Complete a separate Agreement for each Beneficiary for whom you are setting up an Account.
  • If you download forms, be sure to enter the Employer Code 01109 as you complete your Agreement.; You will need to complete both an Enrollment and Participation Agreement and an Authorization for Payroll Deduction.

If you are completing forms online and do not already have a "MY CFNC Account," the system will walk you through the process of creating one.; Your CFNC accounts enable you to save your information and later securely access your Savings Account information;online.;

Visit the website at


The State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) provides a number of supplemental benefits to State employees.; Participation is voluntary with a $4.00 per month payroll-deducted fee.; Benefits offered through SEANC include:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
$1,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit with membership.; Members can purchase additional amounts from $25,000 to $500,000.

Group Voluntary Life Insurance

Offers members an opportunity to purchase up to $100,000 of life insurance coverage at very low premium rates with no health questions during the first 180 days of employment.; Dependent coverage is also available.

Member Scholarships

Established in 1974, the SEANC Scholarship Program provides endowments to members, their spouses and children to attend technical schools, trade schools, community colleges, junior colleges, and four-year colleges and universities.

Member Discount Program

This program offers members discounts on purchases and services from thousands of participating merchants and vendors.; Businesses include automotive, car rental, entertainment, furniture, and motels.

Discounted Theme Park Tickets

Members can receive significant discounts, ranging from $5-$10 off;gate prices, on the purchase of tickets to many popular theme parks.

Visit the SEANC website at