Responsibilities of Wellness Committee


The Wellness Committee should meet formally and identify aims, goals, and implementation strategies to encourage healthy behaviors at the workplace, advocate for policy change, and create health-friendly work environments.

In regards to time commitment, committee members may need as much as four hours a month and the wellness chair(s) as much as six hours a month to plan and implement ECSU's strategic wellness plan. As appropriate, these activities may be included in an employee's work plan.

Creating an Employee Worksite Wellness Infrastructure

  1. Measureable wellness goals may be included in ECSU's strategic plan and in employee work plans, as appropriate.
  2. Worksite wellness programs shall utilize available resources within State government and gratis/discounted services from the private sector as much as possible. In addition, ECSU and the legislature may provide fiscal support for wellness committees and activities.
  3. The wellness committee shall have permission to hold fund raising activities and solicit donations from vendors to support employee wellness programs.
  4. ECSU, to the extent possible, shall make computers and email accounts available to employees in order to facilitate health education, increased participation in employee wellness surveys and access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), SHP resources (i.e., NC HealthSmart) and incentive programs.
  5. ECSU shall promote, at all levels of the organization, their wellness initiatives as well as other resources such as, SHP's NC HealthSmart services and benefit changes, EAP, the NC Quitline, ergonomics programs, and other wellness-related programs available to employees. New employees shall receive information about the NC HealthSmart healthy living initiative and ECSU's worksite wellness program during orientation.
  6. ECSU shall routinely monitor the quality of the wellness program provided and employee access to programs across all work sites. The Wellness Leader shall be responsible for designing the evaluation plan and discussing findings with ECSU employees. This will ensure that all employees receive the same level of services and supervisory support.
  7. ECSU shall address liability issues depending on the nature of the wellness activity.  Worksite wellness activities usually occur outside of work hours, for example, before and after work or at lunch time. Participation in wellness activities is voluntary; and, therefore, not liable for injuries sustained to employees during their participation in these activities. As a general reference, injury that occurs during non-pay status is not compensable. Non-pay status is defined as before work, after work and non-paid time during the normal workday. ECSU shall inform employees of the above information.
  8. ECSU shall use the language from OSP to create a liability release form for employees to sign before participating in wellness activities.