Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey


ECSU is participating in the UNC System Employee Engagement Survey, a five-year projected developed to support the UNC Strategic Plan. The system has contracted with ModernThink, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in higher education climate assessment, to administer the survey.


Honest feedback matters. The survey results will allow ECSU and system leaders to recognize successes and understand concerns that influence workplace culture. Among the topics explored will be collaboration, communication, supervision, workplace culture, and benefits. The survey results may also assist the UNC System in advocating for improvements to human resources policies at the statewide level that are generally beyond the University’s institutional control. More information is available in the UNC System's FAQ document.

The survey will be sent to all permanant employees at ECSU.

The 2018 survey will open Monday, Jan. 29, and will close on Monday, Feb. 12. Initial results are expected in summer 2018 and will be shared with the ECSU community. 

Employees will receive an email directly from ModernThink. The email will contain a link specific to the recipient, so employees should not forward their emails to colleaguesClick here for a preview of what the email will look like.

Supervisors should allow employees to make time in their work schedules to complete the survey, which can be accessed from any device with internet access.

Survey participation is voluntary, and answers are completely confidential. Only ModernThink will have access to individual responses. Read more from ModernThink.

If you have questions, contact Paula Bowe at Ext. 3251 or by email at pgbowe@ecsu.edu


The 2018 Employee Engagement Survey Results have been finalized.

Click on the link to view the results of the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey.

Download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation that was shared with ECSU faculty and staff.