Permanent Employment

Permanent Employment Opportunity

Elizabeth City State University employs approximately 600+ people in permanent positions. The recruitment and selection process shall be consistently applied, non-discriminatory and promote open and fair competition and the hiring of a diverse workforce. The job search and application process for vacancies varies depending on the type of position you are seeking. To be considered for any position, you must apply on-line using the following site

Search Process

Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) shall meet its workforce needs through systematic recruitment, selection and career support programs that identify, attract and select from the most qualified applicants for State employment, and encourage diverse representation at all occupational levels of the workforce. No selection decision shall be made that will constitute unlawful discrimination in violation of State and Federal law. To the extent that any provisions of this policy conflicts with the Office of State Personnel (OSP) policy statement on the Workforce Planning, Recruitment and Selection Policy, the OSP version shall control. (Policy 200.2.9)

To include Subject to the Personnel Act (SPA) and Exempt from the Personnel Act (EPA Faculty & Non-Faculty):

  1. Advertise positions: SPA (at least five (5)working days); EPA Faculty/Non-Faculty (opened until filled)
  2. The Hiring Manager selects a search committee from the official search committee listing (in most cases, hiring manager does not serve on committee). The Hiring Manager submits committee list and interview questions to Senior Officer and then sent to HR/EEO for review and approval.
  3. Search Committee members must be selected from the "Official Search Committee" listing, approved by the Chancellor and maintained by Human Resources.
  4. A member of Human Resources shall serve as a committee member on all searches.
  5. HR sends the electronic search package for the vacant position to the chairperson/committee along with instructions. The following documents are to include:
    • Guest User account (access of position); 
    • Approved Questions; 
    • Applicant Screening/Selection Rating Reports (SPA/EPA); 
    • Hiring Policies:
      • SPA-Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Career Banded Positions (Policy 200.2.8); 
      • EPA Faculty-Hiring Procedures for Faculty (Policy 200.3.2);
      • Hiring Procedures for EPA Non-Faculty (Policy 200.3.1);
      • Veterans Preference (State Personnel Manual-Section2, Page 41)
    • Career Banding Initial Competency Assessment (SPA only);
    • Structured Interview Guide for Banded Positions (SPA only);
    • Announcement (SPA/EPA)
  6. HR sends background check and Employment Verification documentation to the selected candidate via email with instructions.
  7. Once the Hiring Proposal has all of the appropriate approvals, i.e. Hiring Manager, EEO, Division Head, Budget and HR Director; an offer letter and/or contract is generated by HR and contract for Faculty is generated by Academic Affairs. 

Contact HR Specialist

Nancy McPherson
Human Resources Specialist
Phone: (252)335-3786
252-335-3415 - fax
Elizabeth City State University
1704 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC  27909