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About Sophos Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit

Sophos, the new ECSU Anti-Virus is a second-generation solution that includes exploit intercept software designed to protect you from many types of malware attacks.

Sophos is a major upgrade from the previous Anti-Virus only software used by ECSU. To be fully installed, your ECSU PC may need to be restarted. Restart your ECSU PC to improve performance and insure that Sophos is fully operational. 

Sophos appears as the “S” icon in your taskbar (lower right-hand corner of a Windows PC monitor screen, and upper right-hand corner on a Mac).




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Please use the Kace Helpdesk service to process your requests for IT assistance. Using this system improves the efficiency of communication with each of you. The system also provides an easy way to view help documentation as well as check the status of your current or previous work tickets.  Simply go to: https://helpdesk.ecsu.edu/

Once you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your request.

Call the Helpdesk office:  (252) 335-3532

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