The New Network

The Network Refresh Project

New Equipment Working on a Network Closet New Outdoor Access Points Network Switches

The Division of Information Technology is unleashing a new and improved network onto campus.  The Network Refresh Project is comprised of 3-phases: The Core Network, The Wireless Network, and Datacenter and Security.  DIT staff began phase 1 in March 2016, and intend to complete phase 3 by June 2017.

Project Progress Bar

Phase 1: The Core Network


DIT staff worked late nights and long days in hot closets and squeezing under and behind desks across campus to provide university students, faculty & staff with fast and reliable internet connectivity

> across 33 Campus Buildings

> in 92 Network Locations

> and with 304 new network device installations!


Watch our video below to see DIT staff at work!



Phase 2: The Wireless Network

In progress

With our core network refresh complete, DIT staff have moved on to the second phase of the Network Refresh Project.  Visit our Wireless Refresh Project page for the latest information.  


Phase 3: Datacenter and Security

In progress

The third phase of our project began in February, and will come to completion in June.