Email Maintenance


Your email account needs to be maintained by deleting and/or saving your email messages. During the time your account is closed, you are not able to send or receive email messages and all messages sent to you were returned to the sender.

Gmail (Student)

ECSU has created accounts with Google. The allocated space is approximately 30 GB for Google Drive, Google+, photos, and Gmail.

  1. Delete messages in the Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts folder. (Note: Items in any folder count against your email size quota.)
  2. Delete items located in the trash or spam folders.
    1. In the Navigation pane (left-hand side of the screen), select Trash.
    2. In the Select box column, select the checkbox for each item you would like to delete.
    3. Click on the Delete Forever button.
    4. In the Spam folder, click Delete (the spam is gone).