Division of Information Technology

Division of Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology (DIT) works diligently to provide secure network and technology services and to insure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of university data.  It is important for the entire campus community to do their part to insure the integrity and security of our data and technology resources.  Please see the information below as a starting point., then visit Information Security section in the DIT Service Catalog. 

Information Security Policy and Program

The ECSU Information Security Program is a combination of policy, standards, ISO 27002 Controls, infrastructure security architecture, and IT services, procedures, and practices.  When integrated  the overall program describes administrative, operational, and technical security safeguards that are implemented for/in information systems involved in the processing and storage of critical information. Click here for the Security Standards. 

Security Program StructureInformation Security Awareness Training

Student Training

Beware: Cyber Criminals Love Students! 
Take Internet Safety For Students – Lynda.com 

Use your ECSU username and secret password to login at: www.ecsu.edu/lynda 

The IT Security Office (ISO) also curates and provides free security awareness training for students from a variety of reliable sources. Training for students is available here.

Employee Training

The IT Security Office (ISO) employs the Knowbe4.com training platform to provide well recognized, interactive information security awareness training.  The training is presented in a series of campaigns during the year and is available to all ECSU employees. Additionally, the IT Security Office provides focused topic presentations in-person and on the website.

Employee Information Security Awareness Training Login Here:  https://training.knowbe4.com/login
Training Feedback:  Employees, please fill-out this form to let us know your thoughts on the training.

Information Technology Services Catalog

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IT Client Services Information
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IT Support / Help Desk Requests

Please use the Kace Helpdesk service to process your requests for IT assistance. Using this system improves the efficiency of communication with each of you. The system also provides an easy way to view help documentation as well as check the status of your current or previous work tickets.  Simply go to: https://helpdesk.ecsu.edu/

Once you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your request.

Call the Helpdesk office:  (252) 335-3532

IT Support / Help Desk Requests Step-By-Step Guide: Click Here